“Animation Area” by Cooper

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    Animation Area



    Explore a broad range of hands-on processes, hardware systems, and software packages in the Animation Area. Attendees can learn about, explore, and create animations on the spot using very high-tech systems and software as well as low-tech systems and techniques used by early animators and inventors. Introduce yourself to various off-the-shelf commercial animation software packages and general interface, workflow, and creation tools via hands-on sessions and interactive tutorial presentations.

    Experiment with computer-controlled animation camera systems. Get your hands dirty sculpting and setting stop-motion figures for stop-motion sequences. Import models and motion capture data into high-end packages. Render and output sequences to take home with a blazing render network, the TeraGrid, new to the Guerilla Studio this year. And most of all, have fun creating, exploring, and taking advantage of the amazing tools brought together in this venue.

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