“Audio/Video Area” by Lahey and Clark

  • ©Byron Lahey and Patricia Clark



    Audio/Video Area



    Audio technologies support an experimental, interactive media studio with an emphasis on creation and application of prototype instruments using a variety of sensor technologies and custom software. Attendees are invited to interact with and make audio recordings using existing sensor and software combinations or explore the creative tools further by assembling their own. These systems will be directly linked to the systems of the video area, allowing live, collaborative audio-video performances to be staged and recorded.

    The video content creation center is the documentation facility for activities in the Guerilla Studio, and it collaborates with audio specialists to provide imagery, both live and pre-edited, to record attendees’ interactive activities. The center also provides a secondary camera-based sensing system that can be controlled and manipulated by attendees who are creating control systems with the audio area. And it presents demonstrations of digital editing software and digital video mixing programs.

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