“Seeing The Unseen: Visualization in Education” by West, Uhl and Martinez

  • ©Thomas G. West, J. Jerry Uhl, and James Martinez




    Seeing The Unseen: Visualization in Education



    The panel will consider “seeing the unseen”–the use of information and scientific visualization in education–what are we doing, what have we learned, where we may be going. From the earliest days, SIGGRAPH has focused on the importance of information visualization and on the use of interaction to aid and reinforce learning and understanding. This panel will focus on a discussion of examples of using visualization at the university level and at the high school level. Some of the history and potential of visualization in varied courses and settings will be reviewed. The panel will consider a well-established use of visualization (in teaching mathematics) and, in another case, the beginning use of visualization, computer graphics and related technologies at the high school level (teaching art, technology and other subjects). Recent research findings will be reviewed and case studies will suggest future developments in the use of visualization technologies and techniques in educational settings.


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