“Geometric Modeling Based on Triangle Meshes” by Rössl, Bischoff and Kobbelt

  • ©Christian Rössl, Stephan Bischoff, and Leif Kobbelt



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    Geometric Modeling Based on Triangle Meshes

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    The course assumes only very basic knowledge of geometric concepts in general, but does not require specific knowledge of polygonal meshes and how to discretize their respective problems.

    Intended Audience
    Computer graphics researchers, software developers, and engineers working in CAGD, computer games, or the movie industry, who are interested in geometry-processing algorithms based on triangle meshes.

    This course is designed to cover the entire geometry processing pipeline based on triangle meshes. Speakers present the latest concepts for mesh generation and mesh repair; geometry and topology optimizations like mesh smoothing, decimation, and remeshing; and parametrization, segmentation, and shape editing. In addition to describing and discussing the related algorithms, the course provides valuable implementation hints and source code for most of the covered topics.


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