“Knowledge Base for the Emerging Discipline of Computer Graphics” by Alley, Laxer, Flaxman, Geigel, Gold, et al. …

  • ©Tony Alley, Cary Laxer, Tereza Flaxman, Joe Geigel, Susan Gold, Lewis (Lew) Hitchner, Genevieve B. Orr, and Bary W. Pollack




    Knowledge Base for the Emerging Discipline of Computer Graphics



    Computer Graphics is evolving as a discipline characterized by the fusion of artistic and technical theories and skills. The goal of the SIGGRAPH Curriculum Working Group has been to create a knowledge base that defines this discipline. This knowledge base is presented as a palette of subject areas and skills that forms the necessary educational framework for creation of undergraduate curricula that specialize in computer graphics. It facilitates the development of attributes that will create paths toward professional work, graduate studies, and lifelong skills-development and learning. The knowledge base is offered for faculty members designing new computer graphics programs or those evolving existing ones, students crafting their own programs of study, and administrators and accreditors seeking guidance for framing and assessing computer graphics programs.


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