“Toy Artist: Papa & Baby” by Chang, Lee, Choi, Choi, Park, et al. …

  • ©Wooksang Chang, Jaemin Lee, Younghee Choi, Donghyuk Choi, Chigon Park, and Hyejin Kim


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Toy Artist: Papa & Baby




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Chung-Ang University

Additional Contributors:

    Story and Storyboard: Wooksang Chang, Hyejin Kim, Jaemin Lee, Younghee Choi, Donghyuk Choi, Yongjoo Park
    Character Design: Hyejin Kim, Wooksang Chang
    BG and Production Design: Yongjoo Park
    Clay Sculpture: Seongjae Lee
    3D Character Modeling and Rigging: Younghee Choi
    Lead Animators: Chigon Park, Hyejin Kim, Younghee Choi, Donghyuk Choi, Jaemin Lee
    Lighting and Composition: Jaemin Lee
    Effects: Donghyuk Choi
    Cloth Simulation Software by FX Gear
    Qualoth: Kwangjin Choi, Changhwan Lee
    Sound and Music: Stone Sound Works
    Music: Inwoo Hwang
    Sound: Jeongyoon Lim
    Rendering by Digimas: Sangyong Lee
    Layout Comments: Sukwon Park
    Supervising Producer: Wooksang Chang

    Produced with support from the Korean Film Council