Alexander Beim

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  • Tangible Interaction, Creative Director


  • Vancouver, British Columbia, United States of America



  • Before moving to Canada, Alex Beim ran his own graphic design firm in Montevideo, Uruguay for 10 years. Starting the first graphic design magazine in the country, Alex made major contributions to the Design community in South America.

    Since moving to North America, Alex has continued to follow his passion for design while working as Associate Creative for Tribal DDB. Developing online experiences for Pepsi, IKEA, Yellow Pages, Esso, KIA, Clorox and Unilever has garnered him awards from Applied Arts Magazine, Cannes Lions, Digital Marketing, Graphex and others.

    Alex’s interest in design, however, started to veer outside the realm of 2 dimensional print and screen and into real world applications that people can interact and play with directly.

    After 10 years with DDB Alex left to start Tangible Interaction Design, an experimental design studio that creates imaginative, interactive installations for clients and for fun. As one of the only companies of its kind in Canada, Tangible Interaction is on the cutting edge of North American Design and technology.

    From creating intensely playful installations for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and for the national campaigns of some of Canada’s biggest brands, to entertaining 40,000 people at Sensation White, the largest party circuit in Europe, Tangible Interaction’s playful spirit of innovation has resonated throughout the world. What’s next for Tangible Interaction? The possibilities are endless.




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