SIGGRAPH 2018: Original Narratives

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Art Show Overview:

Building upon an exciting and eclectic selection of creative practices mediated through technologies that represent the sophistication of our times, the SIGGRAPH 2018 Art Gallery will embrace the narratives of the indigenous communities near Vancouver and throughout Canada as a source of inspiration.

The exhibition will feature contemporary media artworks, art pieces by indigenous communities, and other traces of technologically mediated ludic practices.

The exhibition aims to articulate myth and technology, science and art, the deep past and the computational present, and will coalesce around the theme of Origins. Media and technological creative expressions will explore principles such as the origins of cosmos, the origins of life, the origins of human presence on the planet, the origins of people that occupy the territories of the Americas, and the origins of people who are still living in the vast territories of the Arctic.

Additionally, the venue intends to rekindle the original spark that ignited the collaborative spirit in the community of engineers, scientists, and artists who came together to create the first SIGGRAPH conference in the early 1970s.


Exhibition Artworks: