SIGGRAPH 2017: Unsettled Artifacts: Technological Speculations from Latin America



Art Show Overview:

For the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers: speculative artifacts that apply digital technologies to map alternative futures. The gallery presents 10 provocative projects from seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, and México.

Uncertain. Agitated. Disobedient. Unstable. Troubled. Historically, the Latin American artifact has been, above all, an unsettled object of study. Recent decades have demonstrated the impossibility of reducing the Latin American artifact to a single homogeneous concept, simply because the idea of Latin America is itself unsettled. The SIGGRAPH 2017 Art Gallery illuminates this reality and reimagines possible new worlds. It explores technology-based artistic practices produced beyond the traditional centers of industrial and technological development in territory that is often underrepresented, excluded, or ignored in the global narrative, and it shares new insights on how Latin American artists create, adapt, and use technology to critically confront a rich cultural context shaped by long histories of imperialism, colonization, and global asymmetry.



It has been extremely gratifying to work on this exhibition, and I extend my sincere appreciation to all of the artists for their vision and inspiring work; to María Fernández for the signi cant contribution of her essay; to subcommittee member Alejandro Borsani; to the SIGGRAPH 2017 Conference team; and to Jerome Solomon for his continued support and trust. I would also like to thank the teams that made the exhibition and publication possible: SmithBucklin, Freeman, Q LTD, and the Leonardo team. The combined collaboration of all of these people has been instrumental in producing this unique edition of the annual SIGGRAPH Art Gallery.

Exhibition Artworks: