Leo Nuñez: Dispersiones

  • ©2017, Leo Nuñez

  • ©2017, Leo Nuñez





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Artist Statement:

    Dispersiones (Dispersions) (2012/2017) is a site-specific physical network comprised of a series of interconnected relays that produce an artificial and interactive soundscape. The work appears to be a messy web of hundreds of tangled wires through which sounds travel, following an algorithm of artificial life. Using only the metallic clicking sound of the relays, the network behaves as a complex system of electromagnetic actuators that interact with the viewer.

    Organized in a rhizomatic matrix of lines resembling a convoluted urban city, each individual relay acts as a “living” agent that activates the space and the architecture. Once a viewer’s movement is detected, the system unleashes an infinite flow of sound and light.

    Dispersiones fits into Leo Nuñez’s body of work that uses discarded technological waste along with industrial and raw materials to create laboriously hand-crafted electromechanical interactive installations that speak to the appropriation and adaptation of new technologies within the context of Latin American culture.

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