“Soma: Physical Media Meditation” by Raikes and Krasnow

  • ©Heather Raikes and Genessa Krasnow



    Soma: Physical Media Meditation



    Twenty-minute immersive media yoga sessions and ambient meditation zones create a sanctuary for the integration of body and mind. Soma, a word connoting both physical body and ritual offering, explores new dimensions of physical experience while bringing opportunities for yoga practice, deep breathing, meditation, creative contemplation, and energetic rejuvenation to SIGGRAPH 2006 attendees. Wear your conference clothes for 20-minute yoga sessions and/or or 20-minute meditation zones. Wear your yoga gear for a 60-minute class every afternoon (mats will be provided).

    Soma also invites attendees to generate thematic imagery, sound, and video for inclusion in the Guerilla Studio Meditation Stream, which will develop throughout the conference week.

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