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  • ©Henry (Hank) Grebe, Brad Warnick, Kenneth Yapkowitz, Richard (Dick) L. Phillips, Craig Rispin, and Mike Saenz



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    Interactive Multimedia Authoring and Publishing

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    Prior exposure to interactive computer graphics, especially WIMP systems (Window, Icon, Menu, and Painter) and digital media, is helpful.

    Who Should Attend
    Artists, writers, graphic designers, animators, musicians, software engineers, software publishers, and people interested in how multimedia documents are created.

    The course provides instruction on fundamentals and methods of multimedia content authoring and on production of CD-I and CD-ROM disk titles. Attendees receive a broad perspective of the current scope of multimedia document authoring, production, and publication. Detailed demos of authoring tools provide insight into the workings of cutting-edge digital creations, including CD-ROM and CD-I title publishing.

    An emerging form of digital publication, the multimedia document, holds the promise of enormous growth for computer and consumer electronics markets. The theory and practice of using multimedia authoring tools, such as MacroMind Director, Cots Meow, MediaView for NeXT, and MediaMogul for CD-I development, are discussed and demonstrated.

    Other topics are: multimedia resources; project planning; development cycle for CD-ROM and CD-I titles; human factors in authoring; communication and transmission of multimedia documents; file formats and compression technology; platform-independent multimedia authoring; prototyping and testing before CD publishing; and glimpses into the future.

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