“Video Technology for Computer Graphics” by Winkler

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    Video Technology for Computer Graphics

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    Some familiarity with computer animation techniques is assumed.

    Who Should Attend
    Computer graphics professionals who anticipate using or are using video technology and want a stronger technical background and better understanding of current techniques and work in the field.

    A rigorous technical overview of video theory explains the underlying principles of why video works the way it does. Attendees gain proficiency with video production and post-production techniques to use with their computer animations.

    This course covers the theory and practical application of video technology. The theory portion covers scanning, monochrome video signal, NTSC color video signal, color encoding, signal measurement, and reviews current video formats, including D-1 and D-2 digital video and HDTV. Also covered are electronic image processing, special effects, and contemporary video production and post-production techniques. Specifics include video special effects hardware, combining Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI) and video special effects, video compositing/ layering, combining CGI with live action, and other topics. Examples of video art and commercial production are presented.

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