“Distributed Scientific Visualization on High Performance Networks” by Catlett, Terstriep, Hibbard, Moran and Norman

  • ©Charles E. Catlett, Jeffrey A. Terstriep, William (Bill) L. Hibbard, Patrick J. Moran, and Michael L. Norman



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    Distributed Scientific Visualization on High Performance Networks

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    Some experience in networked computing from a user standpoint. No knowledge of network concepts or technology required. Some knowledge of distributed computing would be helpful.

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    Software developers or computer users wanting to know how networks work and how to use them for scientific visualization.

    This course teaches basic networking and reviews the software commonly used for general distributed computing and distributed scientific visualization. It also covers the capabilities and problems of networked computing. Participants learn how to determine what network technologies are best suited for their applications.

    This course provides an overview of distributed scientific visualization from o scientist’s perspective. It describes enabling technologies of networks and distributed computing software. Basic networking concepts, wide-area networks, and emerging technologies are discussed. Distributed computing is described, with a comparison of software tools used to create distributed applications. The course includes case studies of SIGGRAPH ’92 Showcase demonstrations. Showcase presenters provide detailed descriptions of their applications, examine the benefits and problems of their implementations, and discuss performance issues surrounding their solutions.

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