“PEX Programming a Mixture of PHIGS PEXlib X and Motif” by Hardenbergh

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    PEX Programming a Mixture of PHIGS PEXlib X and Motif

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    Experience with the C language and the X-Window system is helpful, but not required. A general familiarity with computer graphics also is helpful.

    Who Should Attend
    Experienced and novice application programmers who need to write PEX applications. PEX, X, and Motif system programmers who want to broaden their horizons.

    This course gives application developers a head start in developing PEX applications. Attendees become familiar with the PDRAW application that demonstrates the concepts and features of PEX and its integration with X and a user interface toolkit. Attendees learn how to apply PDRAW to existing applications or adopt it to their needs.

    This course presents a brief overview of PEX concepts and various Application Programmer Interface (API) choices. Differences between PEXlib and PHIGS are highlighted, as are the differences between immediate-mode and mixed-mode graphics.

    The course shows how to create applications using PEXlib, X, and Motif. PDRAW, a small drawing application, demonstrates the PEXlib programming interface; a PHIGS version explains PHIGS-specific issues. Topics include how to get events from the user interface, mix X and PEX graphics to provide appropriate feedback, respond to window-system events, use PEX utility requests to mop window locations, and allow the application to pick.


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