Mark Pompian

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  • SIGGRAPH 1992

    As Sr. Technical Director, Mark Pompian supervises the creation of Kroyer Films’ computer animation, and its integration with band-drawn art. He is responsible for the output of the company’s SGI Graphics Workstations, which utilize Wavefront and Kroyer animation software. Mark has an extensive background in motion picture lighting and cinematography. His career began in Denver, as a production coordinator of television spots for Phelan Productions. Upon moving to Los Angeles, be worked alternately as a lighting technician and assistant cameraman on television commercials and features. For Private Stock Effects, he lit and shot visual effects for feature films such as Jupiter Menace, Strange Invaders, and coordinated live-action effects elements for Jaws 3-D. His fascination with motion-control camera systems and special effects animation led him to study computer animation at West Coast University, where he was, upon graduation, invited to join the faculty. He then held various free-lance and staff positions as technical director of computer-animated industrials, commercials, and technical studies for the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios, Florida, leading directly to his current position at Kroyer Films. Mark holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design, photography, and film production from the University of Michigan, where he graduated in 1975.  

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