Henry Kaufman

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  • Nearlife


  • Gedern, Germany


  • Henry Kaufman brings his lifetime passion for computer graphics and a deep curiosity about touch to his production of interactive art. He received a double BA magna cum Laude with honors in Visual Arts and Computer Science, and an MS in Computer Science from Brown University, and has worked in a variety of areas, including games special effects, graphical music composition software, and special effects for broadcast television. His work has been shown at the DeCordova Museum, Axiom Gallery, and the MIT Museum, and he has collaborated on innovative exhibits at many museums, including New York’s MoMA and Liberty Science Center. Kaufman’s work is known for breaking new ground in interactive public experiences and has earned many awards, including the Communication Arts’ Interactive Design Annual, ID magazine Interactive Annual, several Clios, and an Emmy nomination. In 2007, he started T actable co focus on multi-touch tables and walls.


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