SIGGRAPH 2010: TouchPoint: Haptic Exchange Between Digits



Art Show Overview:

The work exhibited in the SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Gallery investigates the polysensory nature of human experience in a technologically enhanced environment. The exhibition explores the permeable membrane of the techno-human interface, where we engage an array of tools to materialize and visualize artifacts of creative expression. Integral to the work is human haptic interaction, involving the “viewer” and/or the artist through a unique physical interface.

Our sensory systems, like the aesthetic experiences they ascertain, operate simultaneously on several channels. Touch, for example, is not a binary system, but a complex structure of multiple sensory mechanisms, synthesizing such information as pressure, temperature, hardness, vibration, and weight. This sensory amalgamation is exploratory in nature, developing haptic awareness through the active combination of kinesthetic and tactual evidence. An object brought to the hand cannot be described like the one explored by the fingers.

While the initial focus of the exhibition was on the sense of touch, the jury felt it was relevant to extend the breadth of sense experience. Therefore, the selected works include a range of sensory involvement, including scent and audio interactions. Some works are more solely focused on bodily presence, while others address the virtual hand in the machine. Overall, the multi-layered polysensory experience of the artwork has become the dynamic focus, forcing vision to share the pedestal of privilege with other sense modalities.

Richard Elaver
Juried Art Chair
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Arts Director

Matthew Hollern

Guest Editor

Lira Nikolovska

Assistant Editor

Richard Buchanan

Project Manager

Rebecca Strzelec


Exhibition Artworks: