(art)n Laboratory


  • Chicago, Illinois, United States of America



  • Ellen Sandor is the Founder and Director of Chicago-based (art)n Laboratory, Inc.

    (art)n produces PHSColograms: computer generated, three-dimensional digital backlit photographs, PHSCologram sculptures and PHSCologram installations commissioned by museums, research institutions, corporations and private collectors.

    (art)n additionally provides consulting and expertise under Ellen Sandor’s direction.

    Selected works from the (art)n portfolio are available for exhibition, publication, and purchase.

    Please direct all inquiries to Ellen Sandor.

    (art)n members: 1983–2017

    Craig Ahmer, Ben Carney
    Michael Cone
    Chris Day
    Miguel Delgado
    Janine Fron
    Azadeh Gholizadeh
    Nick Gaul
    Randy Johnson
    Gary Justis
    Christopher Kemp
    Pete Latrofa
    Jack Ludden
    Todd Margolis
    Nichole Maury
    TJ McLeish
    Thomas Meeker
    Stephan Meyers
    Keith Miller
    Fernando Orellana
    Sabrina Raaf
    Mark Resch
    William Robertson
    Dan Sandin
    Mike Siegel
    Diana Torres
    Dien Truong
    Gina Ulmann
    Jim Zanzi

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