THE ELECTRONIC THEATER serves several functions. First and foremost it provides a forum for the recognition of the year’s most exciting new work in computer graphics. Entries for the show are judged on technical as well as aesthetic merit, with particular attention paid to new and innovative applications. We realize that computer graphics has never meant just animation and that the field is quickly expanding to include applications and specialties unheard of only a few years ago. In response, the electronic theater has taken on the role of stimulating interest  and educating the audience in the range of time-bound computer graphics in all of its emerging forms. Lastly, the electronic theater must entertain. Its role as showcase and educator  would go unheeded if it were not for the sheer pleasure of attending the show. For many of the approximately 13,000 show-goers, the electronic theater represents the high point of the conference. The show audience is thoroughly diverse. It is only through maintaining these varied elements that the electronic theater has and will continue to offer something of interest to everyone.  

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