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  • University of Alabama


  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama


  • Brian Evans is a digital artist and composer. For twenty-five years he has been experimenting with the integration of image and sound. His artwork and music animations are exhibited and screened internationally. He publishes and presents extensively on his research, including the recent article “Materials of the Data Map,” in The International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics.

    Evans holds a DMA from the University of Illinois and an MFA from CalArts He directs the digital media program in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Alabama.

    SIGGRAPH 1993

    Brian Evans is a research artist at Vanderbilt University, exploring the use of computers in music, the visual arts and in the visualization and sonification of scientific data. He is also on faculty at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt where he coordinates their efforts in integrating technology into the music curriculum. His music/animation pieces and computer graphics have been seen internationally in exhibits, film festivals and music festivals and concerts, and have won several awards. He has published various articles discussing the aesthetics and techniques of his work. Recent contributions include “Number as Form and Content (A Composer’s Path of Inquiry),” in the special “Visual Mathematics” issue of the journal LEONARDO. Evans received a D.M.A. in Music Composition from the University of Illinois (1988) with a minor in Computer Science. He received his M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts (1984) and a Bachelor of Music degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts (1976).  


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