Brian Evans: sonata (pipilo)

  • ©2007, Brian Evans



    sonata (pipilo)


Creation Year:



    Digital prints on paper mounted on artboard


    49 inches x 61 inches x 2 inches


Artist Statement:

    This piece is a graphic musical score, a visual rendition of a classic sonata allegro form. It is music for the eyes, in search of a performer. A sonata has several sections. This piece shows five sections: exposition, development, retransition, recapitulation, and coda. The thematic variation and development is seen rather than heard. The piece is developed as a graphic score in two musical systems, reading left to right and top to bottom. It can be interpreted sonically in a variety of ways. It is a digital image (patterns of numbers that can drive a synthesizer or catalyze a human performance) or you can silently listen with your eyes.

Technical Information:

    The image was created by slicing an abstract animation through the time dimension. The score is composed as visual music. The animation is discarded. What is left is the trace, waiting to be sonified.