Brian DeLevie: Re-remembered, digital palimpsests

  • ©2007, Brian DeLevie



    Re-remembered, digital palimpsests


Creation Year:



    Giclée on canvas, video, LCD monitor


    17 inches x 72 inches x 2.5 inches


Artist Statement:

    Re-remembered, digital palimpsests is a visual exploration of recorded history and subjective memory. Using the palimpsest as a model for this exploration, each canvas presents a layering of imagery and video to represent mixed memory, a merging of historical and personal perspectives whose partial erasure and rediscovery recedes and re-emerges within a media-saturated environment. The original material manipulated in each piece is a combination of historical and personal footage and photographs. Digital artifacts and effects represent time, obstacles, and our inability to erase what has taken place. The video set within the fixed image is the essence of memory played and replayed. The overall landscape of re-rememberances depicts our ability to re-present ourselves and the world with our notion of what is actual. Each day, an array of meaningful and arbitrary images is constructed and deconstructed within our minds and all around us. These works act to question the stability of what we call history and memory, what is remembered and re-remembered, fleeting and enduring, troubling and endearing, written and re-written.

Technical Information:

    Images were created with a mixture of shot and sampled photographic and video footage with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
    Illustrator and Corel Painter. Video footage was manipulated with Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. Final comps
    were printed on an Epson 9800 printer and stretched on specifically designed stretchers.

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