Pete Docter

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  • Pixar Animation Studios, Directing Animator


  • SIGGRAPH1995

    On October 9th, 1968, a handsome, mightily muscled, breathtakingly talented child was born. We don’t know his name or what happened to him.

    But Pete Docter was also born on the same date, a fact which vitally concerns us as this is his biographical sketch. Pete’s interest in animation began when he made his first flip-book at the age of eight. He attended college at the California Institute of the Arts (this was some time later) where he produced “Winter” (1988), “Palm Springs” (1989), and “Next Door” (1991). The films toured in The Festival of Animation, and “Next Door” won a Student Academy Award.

    Pete worked as a traditional animator at Bajus-Jones and Reelworks in Minneapolis, and at Bob Rogers and Disney Feature Animation in Los Angeles. Pete has been at Pixar since May 1991, where he animated and dIrected several commercials, most of which contain happy, bouncy products. Currently Pete is hard at work as a directing animator on the Pixar/Disney computer animated feature film “Toy Story.”