Ron Clements

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios, Director


  • United States of America


  • SIGGRAPH. 2013

    Ron Clements started in Disney’s Animation Talent Development Program shortly out of high school in 1974. Mentoring under Disney Legend Frank Thomas, he became an animator on THE RESCUERS (1977), PETE’S DRAGON (1977), and a supervising animator on THE FOX AND THE HOUND (1981). He became a director on THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE (1986) and, partnering with longtime collaborator John Musker, co-wrote and co-directed THE LITTLE MERMAID (1989), ALADDIN (1992), HERCULES (1997), TREASURE PLANET (2002), and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG (2009). Clements received Oscar nominations for TREASURE PLANET and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG.


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