Chris Sanders

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • DreamWorks Animation, Director

Other / Past Affiliation(s):

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios, Director
  • Marvel Productions


  • SIGGRAPH 2013

    Chris Sanders served as the cartoonist for the Arvada High School newspaper before enrolling in CalArts’ Animation Program. After graduation, he went to work for Marvel Productions and then Disney Studios. He worked as a story artist on THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER (1990), BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991), ALADDIN (1992), and THE LION KING (1994) before being made head of story on MULAN (1998). He wrote, boarded, and directed LILO & STITCH (2002) with Dean DeBlois and earned an Oscar nomination for Animated Feature Film. In 2006, he joined DreamWorks Animation, where he directed the Oscar-nominated HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (2010) and, most recently, THE CROODS (2013).

Learning Presentation(s):


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