Gil Zimmerman

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • DreamWorks SKG, Head of Layout


  • SIGGRAPH 2003

    Gil Zimmerman, Assistant Supervisor, Layout Department, DreamWorks SKG. Gil was one of the first artists brought on board by DreamWorks to build the team for the layout department for Sharkslayer because of his extensive experience at Walt Disney Feature Animation. Gil was originally hired at Disney to fill the unprecedented role of liaison between the traditional and digital animators on Tarzan. Due to his deep understanding of 3D and how it translated into feature animation, he was quickly promoted to Lead Modeler. Upon completion of Tarzan, Disney signed him for the layout department of Treasure Planet. Before Disney, Gil was an instructor at Digital Media Institute in Hollywood, where he developed curriculum and taught classes in Alias|Wavefront, Side Effects and Softimage 3D software. He came to the world of 3D computer graphics from a successful career as a professional classical trombone player and teacher. He holds a BFA in Music from USC.

    “I was very excited to work on the Demonslayer project at Gnomon. I looked forward to working with students. And I really wanted to work with them in a project that was as much like a real production as possible. It was a learning experience for all of us. As a production professional and an educator I feel I have a good insight into the workings of real-world projects. I look forward to sharing my experiences.”

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