Craig Sylvester

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  • CG Supervisor


  • SIGGRAPH 2003

    Craig Sylvester grew up in the 3 most populous cities in the world, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Cairo. After a lifetime of studying art, indulging a fascination with computers full-time since the age of 15 and with CGFX since 18, he decided that the only thing left for him was to breathe special effects for film like a fish does water.

    He received a CGFX degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2000, enjoyed a fantastic effects house internship, learned a lot about teamwork and the FX process from script-to-screen on the Demonslayer project, and continues to pursue effects projects from his desk in North Hollywood.

    “Originally as the sole FX artist on the Demonslayer project, I ended up assuming the position of CG Supervisor for a 25 artist Gnomon team. The completely volunteer basis of the project meant I had to be present and involved at all times so I could transfer work to artists as they were available. I worked daily with the team leads and artists to clear any obstructions, be they hardware, software, or wetware.”

    “My early involvement and the relatively small scale of the project allowed me to see the production from early scripts to the director in the AVID bay, from FX breakdowns to tweaking particle systems, from compositing at 4am to the premiere screening and afterparty. I’m still learning what it all meant.”

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