“Producing a Real-World Student Group Project” by Hogarth, Zimmerman, Sylvester and Curry

  • ©Pam Hogarth, Gil Zimmerman, Craig Sylvester, and Kat Curry




    Producing a Real-World Student Group Project



    Many Digital Media/Animation departments include student group projects as an important component of their curriculums. Gnomon School of Visual Effects has worked hard to make our group projects real-world projects. The latest of these was creating the visual effects for the Roger Corman feature film Demonslayer. These real-world projects offer our students unusual opportunities and challenges.

    This session will feature presentations by the Visual Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects Producer, CG Supervisor and students involved in the project. Topics to be covered will include the history of Demonslayer, the pluses and problems, working with professionals, setting realistic expectations and suggestions for finding projects.


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