“Introduction to Scientific Visualization Tools and Techniques” by Hansen, Yarmarkovich, Elvins, Gelberg, Krogh, et al. …

  • ©Charles (Chuck) Hansen, Alexander Yarmarkovich, T. Todd Elvins, Lawrence (Larry) Gelberg, Mike Krogh, Gregory M. Nielson, and Lloyd A. Treinish



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    Introduction to Scientific Visualization Tools and Techniques

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    Some familiarity with scientific data sets, fundamental mathematics, and introductory computer graphics.

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    Anyone starting to do or interested in learning more about visualization. Useful to people researching solutions to particular visualization problems but lacking sufficient knowledge to guide them.

    The course offers an overview of scientific visualization and specific methods for solving scientific visualization problems. It provides a working knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and available tools for scientific visualization. Lecturers also explain tools and techniques used in the development of hardware and software across platforms. The end result is a clear idea of procedures to follow when creating images from scientific data.

    Rather than describe whiz-bang visualization systems, which might not be available to attendees, the course presents useful information by approaching visualization from a data domain point of view. Actual tools and techniques for visualizing a variety of scientific data sets are discussed and provided in the course notes. The course approaches scientific visualization by looking at color, data models, and different classes of data-2D and 3D fields, fields on unstructured grids, multivariate data sets-and by providing the fundamental concepts followed by specific tools and techniques for visualizing these data domains.

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