“Writing Renderman Shaders” by Apodaca, Peachey, Porter, Sayre and Smyrl

  • ©Anthony (Tony) Apodaca, Darwyn Peachey, Thomas (Tom) K. Porter, Rick E. Sayre, and Eliot Smyrl



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    Writing Renderman Shaders

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    A solid background in 30 computer graphics and programming. Some familiarity with the RenderMan Shading Language is strongly encouraged. Fluency in the C programming language is expected.

    Who Should Attend
    Anyone who would like to write RenderMan shaders for high-quality image or animation production.

    The course covers the theory and practice of writing sophisticated RenderMan shaders to simulate natural and artificial objects and effects, such as bricks, plants, fruit, fire, water, and special light sources, in rendering styles ranging from photorealistic to cartoon style.

    The RenderMan Shading Language is a special-purpose programming language that performs shading calculations in RenderMan rendering programs. Shading language programs, called shaders, are used to model materials and effects in a physically realistic way or in an unrealistic, artistic style. Attendees learn how to write shaders that create a rich visual world in applications, such as animation, CAO, and presentation graphics. Examples of successful RenderMan images and animations are presented as detailed case studies to give attendees an injection of practical experience with the shading language.

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