“”le Musee lmaginaire” to Walls Without Museums” Moderated by

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    "le Musee lmaginaire" to Walls Without Museums

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    The disembodiment of electronic images through digital Ea representation, coupled with the development of brood· bond networks and new display media of ever-increasing resolution situates Andre Malraux’s visionary notion of his “Museum Without Walls” in cyberspace. Imagine interactive viewing of vast networks of images that can be accessed on demand wherever a suitable display or output device exists. CD·ROM users already accustomed to taking virtual tours of the Louvre or the National Gallery of Art can now visit Apple Computer’s “Virtual Museum.” Potentially any artist with access to a computer and modem, fox or picture-phone may participate in network art shows. Van Gogh TV’s Piazza virtuale, featured at Documento IX, in Kassel, Germany, with its 24-hour-o-doy interactive, networked participatory broadcast events, simply ignores the museum. Likewise at the Tepoi High Technology Pavilion in Tokyo the virtuality of HDTV visual environments become “walls without museums.” These walls require a newly defined human computer interface where “smart displays” respond to movement, gesture, and sound of the viewer. 

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