“Rowland High School Animation Workshop” by Master

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    Rowland High School Animation Workshop

Program Title:

    SIGKids Showcase



    Walnut, California

    Students give an animation workshop to SIGKids. Using a videophone at the Electronic Cafe in Santa Monica, California, Bert Klein, Brian Master, and Phil Garcia talk about story development, special effects, claymation/CGI compositing, and other techniques used to create award winning films. Rowland again took top honors at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Student Film Institute Film Festival. The students’ films include: Everlasting David Swanston, Terrell Tangonan; War Prayer Brian Master, Bert Klein, Phil Garcia, Ryan Jhono, John Iskander, The Factory Janette Fu; Crac Kills Rinna Dabao, Heintje Djoha 


    Various hardware
    Software effects
    Traditional animation
    Film and video techniques

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