“Implementation of Immersive Virtual Environments” by Bryson, Blanchard, Bricken, Hitchner, Jacoby, et al. …

  • ©Steve T. Bryson, Chuck Blanchard, William Bricken, Lewis (Lew) Hitchner, Rick Jacoby, Creon Levit, and Warren Robinett



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    Implementation of Immersive Virtual Environments

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    Moderate experience in graphics programming and some awareness of interfacing serial devices to computers. Concepts such as transformation matrices, use of graphics libraries, and basic Cartesian geometry are assumed. No knowledge of virtual environments is required.

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    This course covers the design and implementation of working, high-performance, immersive, interactive, virtual environments.

    The course provides an understanding of how to develop a fully immersive, interactive, virtual environment. Attendees learn how to select hardware for a particular virtual environment, outline the appropriate software structure, and implement that structure in a way that gives the greatest possible performance.

    This course discusses the integration of hardware, software, and program design to create the illusion of virtual worlds. Developers who have designed some of the most famous and successful virtual worlds describe their implementations of fully immersive virtual environments and discuss their work on a detailed level. Also covered are solutions to integration difficulties and various options when developing virtual worlds.

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