“Cornell and IBM Scientific Visualization” by Zarb

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    Cornell and IBM Scientific Visualization

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    Cornell University and IBM Corporation


    Scientific research projects ore demonstrated: densify of gas in a simulation of the NASA AMPLE experiment; water waves interacting with pier structures; three helical turns of DNA rendered as a ball and stick model; zooplankton density in the ocean; Global Basins Research Project; normal modes vibrations of quartz; ab-initio calculation of reaction of ozone with atomic chlorine; tsunami simulation in the Sea of Japan; ultrasound intensity in biological structures; flow of particles driven by wove action; cooking of a potato in a microwave oven; and, distribution of galaxies in the sky.

    IBM PVS demonstrations illustrate:
    • interactive analysis and browsing of ozone climatology from space observations;
    • the Greenhouse Effect Detection Experiment; and
    • correlative analysis in space plasma physics or solar-terrestrial physics.

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