“”Terminator 2″ Computer Graphics Effects” by Cameron

  • ©James Cameron  Industrial Light & Magic



    "Terminator 2" Computer Graphics Effects




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    Excerpts from the motion picture
    “Terminator 2” illustrate com- puter graphics special effects.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics 4D/340VGX, 4D/
    240GTX, and 4D/25TG workstations, Apple MacllFX workstations


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, rendering,
    and image-processing- lLM proprietary, Renderman, Alias 2, Photoshop

Additional Contributors:

    Co-Produced by: B.J. Rack and Stephanie Austin
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Dennis Muren, A.S.C.
    Assistant Visual Effects Supervisor: Mark Dippe
    Computer Graphics Animation Supervisor: Steve Williams
    Computer Graphics Shot Supervisors: Jay Riddle, Doug Smythe, Lincoln
    Hu, George H. Joblove, Scott E. Anderson, Thomas A. Williams, Stefen M. Fangmeier
    Visual Effects Producer: Janey Healy
    Visual Effects Art Director: Doug Chiang
    Visual Effects Editor: Michael Gleason
    Computer Graphics Animators: John Andrew Berton, Jr., Geoff Campbell, Richard L. Cohen, Jonathon French, Christian Hogue, Elizabeth Maxwell Keith, John Nelson, Joseph M. Pasquale, Stephen Rosenbaum, Andrew Schmidt, Alex Seiden, Annabella Serra
    Computer Graphics Software Developers: Eric Enderton, Carl Nai Fredrick, Michael J. Natkin, Angus Poon, John F. Schlag, Tien Truong Scanning Operators: RandalI K. Bean, George Gambetta, Michael Cooper
    Scanning Supervisor: Joshua Pines
    Digital Supervisor: Stuart Roberton
    Computer Graphics Technical Assistants: James D. Mitchell, Rachel Falk,
    Diana Ace, Alice Rosen
    Computer Graphics Department Manager: Douglas Scott Kay
    Scanning Software: Jeff Light
    Optical Photography Supervisor: Bruce Vecchitto
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Gail Currey
    Computer Graphics Coordinators: Judith Weaver, Ginger Theisen
    Computer Graphics Systems Support: Jay Lenci, Ken Beyer
    Production Assistant: Leslie Schor
    Digital Artists: Barbara Brennan, Jim Hagedorn, Gordon Baker
    Digital Transfer Operator: Greg Maloney
    Rota Supervisor: Tom Bertino
    Rotoscopers: Terry Molatore, Jack Mongovan, Joanne Hafner, Sandy Houston, Rebecca A.P. Heskes

Animation / Video Overview: