“Semiconductor Requirements For Merging Imaging And Graphics” Moderated by Jack E. Bresenham

  • ©Karl Guttag, Jeff Teza, Joseph Krauskopf, and Nick England



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    Semiconductor Requirements For Merging Imaging And Graphics



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    This panel discusses issues relating to future trends in semiconductors for merging computer imaging and graphics, including: hardwired versus programmable approaches, special imaging and graphics processors versus general purpose processors with hardware accelerators, the need for full-motion video versus document processing in the office, whether full-motion video will be a software application or hardwired solution, and how imaging and graphics can or cannot be served by the same products. Panelists represent a variety of viewpoints on these approaches.
    This panel begins where the SIGGRAPH ’87 panel “A Comparison of VLSI Graphic Solutions” ended.

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