Thomas Porett: Mystery Street

  • ©1991, Thomas Porett



    Mystery Street


Creation Year:



    3/4" videotape




Technical Information:

    Hardware: Macintosh II fx, RasterOps 364 board, Microtek 300Z Scanner, MacRecorder, NuVista+ Board, Yamaha DX-7s, Yamaha TX16W (synthesizers), Alesis Ouadraverb (sound processor) and Casio RZ-1 (drum machine)
    Software: PhotoShop, MacroMind Director, RasterOps videocapture soft­ware, and Vision MIDI sequencer



Other Information:

    This piece is a 16-minute long sequence of images derived from digi­tized video and still photographs that have been edited in MacroMind Director to create a flow of visual imagery with what might be termed visual counterpoint. This has been achieved by using overlap­ping matrices of pictures to amplify and extend meaning. Visual complexities have been woven in with varied cultural refer­ences to create an allegorical Mystery Street, that symbolizes aspects of contem­porary life in these times. A variety of events, circumstances, relationships are encountered to evoke the sense of cele­bration, excess, desperation, and mystery. The sound track was created with digitized sound from video and original music cre­ated on digital instruments using MIDI devices. The entire piece has been placed on an 80-megabyte hard drive that oper­ates the piece in real time. Mystery Street, was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philidelphia for the Artists Choose Artists exhibition, and ran continuously for six weeks. The videotape is a direct realtime recording utilizing a NuVista+ card.