SIGGRAPH 1982: Art Show

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Art Show Overview:

The SIGGRAPH ’82 Art Show celebrates the increasing access to electronic technology available to artists today and the growing aesthetic awareness in computer graphics.

Over one thousand entries for this juried exhibition arrived from all over the world. All the work was produced after January 1, 1980. The eighty-eight pieces in this show are diverse in style, medium and technique, holding as a common thread the pursuit of artistic excellence. The use of comput­ers in these works shows that style is established by the artist and not identi­fiably derivative of the hardware, as was the case five years ago.

We invite artists to participate in Sig­graph and encourage them to use it as a teaching and learning forum. Tech­nological art is the future of communi­cations and the source of new and powerful imagery.


Visual Proceedings:

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Exhibition Artworks: