Harry Holland: Strata Variants

  • ©1982, Harry Holland



    Strata Variants


Creation Year:



    Cibachrome print


    15 1/2 x 17 1/8 in.


Artist Statement:

    In two months time, I have produced over 30 complete electronic image paintings on the color display system. The images are generated by the artist and translated (by the artist) into a full color screen image to realize rapidly what might take a week with traditional brush and paint technology. A history file is recorded on a flexible disk which may be played back at any time to review mistakes or procedures. The final image may also be recorded as a single image picture file (on the disk) in order to allow recall of the final image only. The artist has at his command the possibility of altering colors and adding to his painting at any time in the future. Theoretically, there are 16.8 million separate mixable colors. The important thing, to me, is getting traditional art artists (unfamiliar with computers) like myself involved with electronic tools and technology. Creative artists are customarily resourceful, usually not satisfied with the status quo and generally comfortable with visual invention modes. The results could produce some surprising, unexpected processes and products. With this conviction and underlying my intentions, I sent out to tackle this new animal…the computer. I am relatively satisfied with the results so far, and am realizing fully the limitations (both with the computer, and myself). The future is exciting and challenging. I look forward to the next steps (programming or shape-molding systems) with the hope I can infect other artists (and computer scientists) with my enthusiasm.

Technical Information:

    Hardware: PDP 11/03, AED 512 display device
    Software: Warren K. Wake