Margot Lovejoy: See The Beautiful Sea #65, #60, book

  • ©1981, Margot Lovejoy
  • "See the Beautiful Sea" #60
  • ©1981, Margot Lovejoy
  • "See the Beautiful Sea" #65



    See The Beautiful Sea #65, #60, book


Creation Year:



    Intaglio prints, book


    Intaglio prints: 25 x 19 1/2, 23 x 32 1/2 in., book: 4 1/2 x 6 in.


Artist Statement:

    My print Permutations III was inspired by my interest in sea and cloud forms. It grew out of a series I began two years ago called: See the Beautiful Sea where I experimented with different ways of viewing the reality of the same seascape. In one experiment, I reconstructed the image using dot patterns in various ways. I am fascinated with opportunities to take apart reality, to explore its abstract underlying patterns, and to reconstruct these abstractions into a real scene. All of this has led me to further explore computer-generated images of the earth seen from weather satellites. Each of the symbols used by the computer represents information about different heights and depths of rain clouds over certain areas of the earth. These patterns are an amusing reality because in abstract printouts they reveal information about the real world which lies beneath.

    Permutations III is one of a series of three prints which show a progression of shifting weather satellite computer shapes and colors slowly metamorphosing. The brilliant color rectangles are the moving lights of human places for below the radio patterns of clouds – as though they are seen from a great distance. The mood is lyrical to evoke a sense of memory and mystery.

Technical Information:

    Hardware: Amdahl computer, line printer output