Wayne Lytle

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  • Ithaca, New York, United States of America


  • SIGGRAPH1994

    Wayne Lytle is a computer graphics animator and an electronic musician. For the past 5 years he has produced scientific visualizations at the Cornell Theory Center. His interests include the integration of parameter-driven and hand-keyframed animation techniques, and is especially concerned with how this applies to music animation. His SIGGRAPH ’90 animation “More Bells and Whistles” was produced with his first-generation music visualization software. He has since been enhancing these techniques and has other music visualization works in progress. His other SIGGRAPH animation over the past 5 years: “Visualization of Simulated Treatment of an Ocular Tumor” (’89), “Evolution of Gravity and Effective Topography on Phobos” (’91 ), “Does This Pulsar Have Orbiting Planets?” (’92), and “The Dangers of Glitziness and Other Visualization Faux Pas” (’93), have earned him such prestigious awards as “Longest Title in the Film Show”.

    Immediately before starting at the Cornell Theory Center in 1988, he received an M.S. from the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University. Wayne owns a synthesizer recording studio with 8 synthesizers and various pieces of digital gear, where he is completing his first CD.  


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