“Invisible Site” by Coates

  • ©George Coates  George Coates Performance Works

  • ©George Coates  George Coates Performance Works


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    Invisible Site


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • George Coates Performance Works


    A live multimedia performance with projected stereoscopic and real-time computer imaging Invisible Site is performed twice nightly, Tuesday through Thurs­ day, in the Artemus W Ham Con­cert Hall at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.


    HARDWARE: Mac II, RasterOps board, IRIS VGX 4D/210, PC, NeXT, DecStation 5000/125 PXGTTurbo, Opcode Systems Studio 3


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Opcode Vision, MacroMind Direc­tor, Swivel 30, Screenplay, Cus­tom software developed by NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Graphics Inc , and Digital Equip­ment Corporation

Additional Contributors:

    Composer: Marc Ream
    Visual Coordinator: Joel Slayton
    Production Manager: Dan Corr
    Stage Manager: Christian Wilson
    Assistant Visual Coordinator: Janet Ramage
    Stereographic Imaging: Roger Mulkey, Charles Rose
    Multi-Image Programmer: Frank Craig
    Lighting Designer: Gregory Allen
    Computer Image Effects: Phred Sharples
    Assist. to the Director/Costumes: Traci Robinson
    Special Film Effects: John Scarpa
    Cinematic Effects: Jeff Stringer
    Sound Design: Troy Gimbel
    Sound Technician: Adam Kopald
    Music Direction: Sue Bohlin
    Assistant Director/Text: Robert Keefe
    Script and Continuity: Jennifer Roy
    Storyboard Artist: Filip Konieczny
    Lab Photographer: Tom Pitts
    Seamstress: Hannah Carlisle
    Technical Director: Jim Segura
    Master Electrician: Terry Mullen
    Stage Carpenter: George “Lobo” May
    Stage Technicians: Elias D’Elia, Robbin Schreiber
    Regional Sales Rep: Robert Keefe
    Gamer: Gamall A
    Isabel’s sister: Susan Volkan
    Ashurbanipal: Aurelio Viscarra
    Isabel’s sister: Eileen Hunt
    Guitar: Chris Halaby
    Saxophone: Sheldon Brown, Nik Phelps, Steve, Deutsch, Jamison Smeltz
    Trumpet: Doug Morton
    Trombone: Charley Seavey, Ross Wilson
    Horn arrangements: Doug Morton, Larry Schneider, Marc Ream
    Electronic Artists
    Software Engineers, SGI: Tim Heidmann, Paul Haeberli, Tim Wiscinski, Dave Tristram, Peter Broadwell
    Musician/Programmer, SGI: Roger Powell
    Computer Animator: Erik Bryan
    Computer Imaging: Scott Kim
    Computer Facilitator: Chris Leith
    Computer Graphics: Amie Slate
    Software Engineers, DEC: Stephen Harrison, Rafael Reich
    Classicist, DEC: Raymond Drewry
    Software Engineers, NASA Ames: Creon Levit, Steve Bryson
    Executive Director: Beau Takahara
    General Manager: David Hurd
    Associate Producer: Eric Bernhard
    Development Director: Brooke Boynton
    Administrative Assistant: Emily Cronbach

Animation / Video Overview: