“Graphic Design in the Nineties: New Roles, Options, and Definitions” Moderated by Doug Hesseltine

  • ©Michael Cronan, Joel Katz, Clement Mok, and John Waters



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    Graphic Design in the Nineties: New Roles, Options, and Definitions



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    What is the future of graphic design? While traditional roles will continue to exist for some time, computer technology is creating new demands, options, and definitions for the design professional. The technology is both marvelous and dangerous. Through it, designers can attain new levels of freedom with the possibility of significant breakthroughs in creative thinking and problem solving. They can also become mesmerized by the cosmetic wizardry displayed on their screens, which can seduce designers and their clients into believing that effective communication is nothing more than mere visual presentation.
    In addition, computer technology raises questions about the role of design and designers. How will information design and esthetic design evolve? As the value of their expertise changes, must designers become generalists or will specialty areas of design grow and even proliferate? What will the new opportunities in multimedia and interface design create and how will the print medium be affected in the next 10 years?
    This panel will explore and clarify these issues in an attempt to guide designers into the technological future of their rapidly changing profession.

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