Eva K. Sutton: Disintegration #13

  • ©1990, Eva K. Sutton



    Disintegration #13


Creation Year:



    Photographic print


    36 x 40


Technical Information:

    Hardware: PC-compatible, Howtek scan­ner, Apple Macintosh, Sun 3, Dunn film recorder.
    Software: Lumena, Adobe Photoshop, written by the artist.

Other Information:

    By appropriating imagery from photographs (primarily old prints found in junk shops, flea markets and garbage bins) and recombining these images (by computer), I create a kind of a digital photo-montage. Relying on the nearly seamless quality with which the computer can mix or overlay images and because of the historical verisimilitude which pho­tographs possess, the works exist as false­ly constructed historical relics. The pur­pose of such a relic is to invite the viewer into “trusting” the image with feelings of familiarity and nostalgia, while simultane­ously subverting these feelings by pre­senting elements in juxtapositions that may be perceived as uncomfortable or ambiguous. Various computer systems were used to “build up” a composite of multiple images. Source material was scanned into a PC running Lumena paint program using a flatbed scanner. Images were digitally overlaid within Lumena to create the resulting composite. The com­posite was then subjected to various image processing filters on the PC, a Mac II (primarily using Photoshop software) and a Sun 3 workstation (using software writ­ten by the artist) to achieve the final result. Images are then output to a film recorder onto 8 x 10 b/w sheet film.

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