“The Third Dimension: It’s Not a Virtual One” Moderated by Stewart Dickson

  • ©Bruce Beasley, Helaman Ferguson, Rob Fisher, and Frank McGuire



Entry Number: 06


    The Third Dimension: It's Not a Virtual One



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    Sculptors are sculptors because of a need to physicalize their work. Because their work ultimately exists as a physical entity in the real world, they envision their work in three dimensions and think deeply in 3D terms before ever considering computer-aided implementation of their designs. They find the experience of viewing 3D space through the glass front of a CRT fundamentally unsatisfying.
    This session features a panel of professional sculptors, who critically discuss what has been perceived to be the SIGGRAPH philosophy of 3D modeled computer graphics and compare their design process with the approach of designers who use a 3D computer modeling system to compose pictures.

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