“Into the 4th Dimension (stereoscopic)” by Harper

  • ©Rick Harper  Harper Films, Inc. and Landmark Entertainment Group

  • ©Rick Harper  Harper Films, Inc. and Landmark Entertainment Group

  • ©Rick Harper  Harper Films, Inc. and Landmark Entertainment Group

  • ©Rick Harper  Harper Films, Inc. and Landmark Entertainment Group


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Into the 4th Dimension (stereoscopic)




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Harper Films, Inc.
  • Landmark Entertainment Group


    Produced as a theme park attrac­tion involving motion-based seats, 12-channel stereo sound, twin 70-mm projection, and in-theater lasers. The SIGGRAPH presentation is in a reduced film format (twin 35-mm with two­ channel stereo sound).


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics 40 series Sym­ bolics 36XX series Film Record­ ing, Celco, Solitaire



Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Gary Goddard
    Co-Produced & Written by: Robert W. Anderson
    Computer Animation Unit
    CG/ Supervisors: Michael Wahrman & Brad deGraf
    Production Design: Jim Shaw, Dan Goozee & William Stout, Inc.
    Art Direction: Rick Harper, Kerry Colonna, Cliff Boule
    Production Illustrators: Ed Eyth, Adolph Schaller, Shawn McManus, Donna Tracy
    Post Production Supervisor: Joshua Pines
    Line Producer: Maija Beeton
    Production Manager: Liz Ralston-Bugge
    Scene Technical Directors: Kevin Bjorke, Jim Hillin, Liza Keith, Larry Malone, Marc Scaparro, Phil Zucco
    Additional Technical Direction: John Adamczyk, Ken Brain, Greg Ercolano, Dean Foster, Joseph Goldstone, Jim Goodman, Adrian Iler, George Karl, Andy Kopra, Craig Reynolds
    Modelers: Ken Cope, Tom Betts
    Puppeteering: Trey Stokes
    Editorial: Ladd McPartland
    Assistant Rendering: Joaquin Gill, Jim Guyton
    Production Assistants: Eve Valentina, Carter Potter, Carl Syberg, Anne-Marie Sircello­ Spargur
    Special computing equipment: Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
    Other computing by: Ray Feeney, RFX, Inc.
    Rendering Software: PIXAR RenderMan MAX, Purga­ tory, Music World, Light and Dark World; Symbolics S-Render: Intro, Finale, Math World, Frag­ ments, Vortex/Galaxy/Rosette Performance Animation Software: deGraf/Wahrman, Inc.
    Animation Software: Symbolics S-Dynamics
    Modeling Software: Symbolics S-Geometry, deGraf/ Wahrman MMaker
    Film Recorder: CELCO
    Accounting Services: Don Rhodes, CPA
    Live Action Unit Production Manager: Matthew Geer
    3-D Consultant: Stephen Hines
    Pre-Production: Antoine Compin & Charis Horton
    Production Coordinator: Gail Sanders
    Production Accountants: Theresa Enzer, Diane Kehrli, Ann Harper
    1st Camera Assistant: Steve Slocomb
    2nd Camera Assistant: Todd Slyapich
    Helicopter Pilot: Craig Hosking
    Location Coordinator: B.J Griffith
    Helicopter Mount: Tyler Camera
    Panavision Camera Technician: Don Earl
    Optical Effects
    Optical Supervisors: R. William Dorney & Rob Yamamoto
    Optical Cameraman: Cosmas Paul Bolger, Jr.
    Assistant Cameraman: James Seltenreich
    Light Art: Jerry Morawski
    Effects Animators: John A. Petteys Ill & Kathleen Quaife-Hodge
    Post Production
    Editors: Robert W Anderson & Rick Harper
    Supervisors: Rick Gordon & John A. Petteys Ill
    Color: CFI
    Prints: Deluxe
    Laboratory Consultant: Chris Bushman
    Negative Cutting: RPG Film and Video, Inc.
    Sound Design: Soundelux
    Music Composer: Gary Guttman
    Orchestrator & Conductor: William Kidd
    Music Performance: The Toronto Symphony Orchestra
    Special Additional Music: James Gabriel
    Music Producer: Ted King
    Recording Mix-Down Engineer: Gary Gray
    Soundtrack Production Manager: James Fielden
    Assistant Sound Editor: Mark Lanza
    Technical Audio Advisor: Keith Klawitter
    Re-Recording Facility: Meridian Studios, Inc.

Animation / Video Overview: