“Making Virtual, Artificial, or Real Computer Art” Moderated by Gregory P. Garvey

  • ©Matt Elson, Cynthia Goodman, Lauretta Jones, and Jane Veeder



Entry Number: 04


    Making Virtual, Artificial, or Real Computer Art



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    This panel compares different viewpoints on the computer as a natural tool of choice for making art. It also explores how the very nature of the computer itself shapes the artistic aesthetic, by changing the way in which art is both created and experienced. Whether the end result is graphic design, photo-realistic rendering, low-resolution paint system output, hypermedia user interfaces, interactive computer-controlled installations, scientific visualization, or virtual and artificial realities, more and more work is being done in the name of art. Panelists review these forms, compare their underlying similarities and differences, and discuss how artistic esthetics emerge with the use of the technology.

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