Chiara Boeri: Abstract

  • ©1991, Chiara Boeri





Creation Year:



    Ink jet printout


    33 x 46.85


Technical Information:

    Hardware: Quantel Graphic Paintbox, Iris Graphics 3047 Printer
    Software: Quantel

Other Information:

    The goal was to produce exhibi­tion quality artwork using collage methods printed on the Iris printer. VISUALS has written special software to accommodate transparent file handling across all sys­tems. For final output, the computation at print resolution is usually done utilizing either Wavefront rendering software or the Quante! Graphic Paintbox. Just as an example, NURBS-based surface models might be exported to Wavefront via IGES format, then rendered in a high-resolution 3D scene; the entire image could then be exported to the Quante! Graphic Paintbox for image retouching and photo composition, prior to print/output scan­ning. Of course, the entire process could be carried out in reverse order as well, starting with 2D paintbox image manipu­lation, and followed by image export for integration with 3D scene rendering. Printing was done on the Iris Graphics 3047 4-color ink jet printer, which is capa­ble of outputting images received from a variety of formats (Wavefront, Quantel, CDRS 200, etc.), and can print on fabric as well as on paper. Print resolution is 12 dots per millimeter (150 DPI, halftone, which is the international standard for top quality art books and magazines).