Issue 70: Visualization Software – Special Issue

  • ©70, Visualization Software - Special Issue

SVR Issue No:  70

SVR Issue Title:  Visualization Software - Special Issue

Conference:  SIGGRAPH 1991

SVR Issue Information

  • Issue 70 Visualization Software – Special Issue SPECIAL ISSUE This guided tour of new visualization software products, technology
    and applications provides a compact, informative and entertaining overview of the industry. Acquire a structured framework for
    understanding the future of software. In addition to product demonstrations, the program features interviews with 15+ experts, location
    footage from SIGGRAPH ’91, and a wide variety of images collected exclusively for this program. This Special Issue combines video,
    text and reference data.

    1. Visualizing Reality
    2. Visualization Software Tools
    3. Visualization Parameters
    4. Visualization Applications
    5. Digital Unimedia
    6. Virtual Reality
    7. Future Trends